CARTSANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. est nominatos artifices, amet et exporters de Bulla Tea Boba, cum officinas in Taiwan. In ordine faciens annis usus agnoscimur nostrae praeclaros effectus in augue. Donec in primis inter nos adiuvavit Taiwan. Constanter upgrade nostri products obviam internationalis signa. Nos tenere bigas professionales, quae praebet in tempore deliberatis cum princeps quality.Our sinceritate et opere adiuvit nos aequare qualitas gentium signa.


Cartsang Enterprise is a professional manufacturing factory, specializing in the production of food raw materials. We have passed FSSC 22000, HACCP, ISO22000 certifications, and Hala certification.
KingWang Food Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Cartsang Enterprise Co., Ltd, mainly engaged in the import and export of raw materials related to food and catering, selling products such as juice syrup, konjac pearl and soft canned food.
Our enterprise philosophy is adhering to quality and making the best better. We provide customers with professional and innovative product ideas, customized developments and OEMs, to make the most suitable solutions for our customers.

Simplicitate et labore nobis auxiliatus est nobis respondere qualitati

Bulla Tea Boba

cum internationalibus signa. Secundum ad genera fabricare postulat, offerimus perfectum officia ad te.